October 2, 2018

Week of October 1 - 5

Spelling - Review

rock          page          mice          nest          mask          math
tag            shape        chest          talked       hugging     smiled

August 31, 2018

Week of September 4 - 7

Question of the Week - What can we learn by exploring space?

Spelling - long vowels

page          size          late
race           nose         fine
huge          rice          space
mice          vote         blaze

August 28, 2018

Week of August 27 - 31


Question of the Week - What can we learn by exploring different communities?

Spelling - short vowels

rock          job          sack
mess         list          sad
tag            dust        desk
chop         rib          drum

May 18, 2018

Week of May 21 - 25

Question of the Week - What can we learn about cowboy traditions?


kindness          useless          sadness
thankless         careless         fearless
sickness           fitness           goodness
darkness          helpless        weakness

May 11, 2018

Week of May 14 - 18

Question of the Week- Why are family celebrations special?

Spelling - -ture, -tion, -ion

mixture          future          caution
motion           nation          picture
station           nature          section
action            fixture          feature

May 7, 2018

Week of May 7 - 11

Question of the Week - Why are sports traditions important in our country?

Spelling - ed, ing, er, est

tried           trying
skipped     skipping
planned     planning
liked          liking
lighter       lightest
heavier      heaviest

April 27, 2018

Unit 5 Week 6

Question for Unit 5 - What does it mean to be responsible?

Spelling - Review

cheerful          quickly          teacher          visitor
disappear        regroup         unlock           sign
knock             write              climb            because
draw               walk              photo             cough
ticket              duckling